A/C problems in the summer are the worst

The worst time of the year to have issues with the AC is during the summer time months! I was having some trouble with the AC last summer, and I needed to wait until payday to call someone to look at the issue.

I knew it was going to cost at least $129 to get someone out to the home to investigate the system! Depending on the repair, it would have cost even more money.

When the issues began on Sunday, I felt confident waiting until Tuesday to have the work completed, then on Monday, the sun started shining at 5 am. It was almost a hundred degrees outside before noon. I did not think I was going to get through the whole day without cool air. On Monday, I contacted the AC repair service and I made an appointment, but they had an available appointment on the same day that I called, although I told the guys that I needed to wait until payday. I was the first person on the schedule on that day. The service specialist delivered some poor news that I was hoping not to hear. She believed that the air compressor was the issue and recommended updatement of the entire Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. I knew I did not have thousands of dollars for that kind of work. I broke down in my home, in front of the repair specialist. I started sobbing when I heard the news. The service tech told me not to worry, because they have lending companies and financial institutions that work with clients plus all the people get approved if they own their home.