A/C system help

My neighbor has been having many problems with her a/c unit.

She’s a genuinely nice and sweet older lady who is regularly doing great things for the community.

She was having some trouble with her cooling device and could not afford to have it fixed by a pro, and so I felt like I had to help her out. This is true because I am a heating and air con technician by trade, and I’ve been working in the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business for the better part of 29 years now. She knew I was doing something, however I do not think she thought that I was a heating and a/c workman. When I went over to her flat and knocked on her door, I asked her if she was trying to have her a/c fixed. She told me yes, so I said I’d be willing to take care of her a/c unit for free because she’s such a nice widow. She seemed very surprised and she asked me if I was a heating dealer and I told her I was, and that I worked for a Heating, Ventilation & air con company. She was honestly happy when I offered to take care of her a/c plan, and then she told me that the problem was that it was no longer putting out any cold air. She would put her foot in front of the air vent, and only warmish air was blowing out. She was so nervous that this was something more serious, however I took a look at her cooling unit and it was really in perfect condition. All that it needed was some more coolant added. Luckily, because I am a heating and cooling supplier, I was able to get it, and as soon as I added it to her cooling device it was ice cold once again. She was gleeful when she felt the very cold air. Now she could relax and enjoy her flat again without having to feel disgustingly tepid all of the time.



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