A ductless mini cut is going to cost a lot more than a window air conditioner

I’m strapped for currency for the next few weeks because I had to drain our savings account to service our shrubbery mower.

  • I have a small landscaping supplier and rely on our zero gravity mower for 50 to 60 hours of toil every week during the peak growing season.

If it’s raining typically, that means sods are amassing at a considerable rate. And if I don’t stay on top of our schedule, I’ll lose miserable clients who are wondering why their shrubbery is getting tall and why I haven’t showed up yet. Needless to say, I paid for the repairs and was just thrilled to get our mower back in time to finish enough of the sods that I was behind on during the previous weekend. I don’t mind working 7-day weeks if it means keeping our loyal clients. Unfortunately, this means that I can’t replace the window air conditioner in our garage to a ductless mini cut adore I was originally hoping. I have a side hustle where I sell handmade jewelry on the internet. It’s not a consistent hobby because I am usually consumed by our landscaping business, however I will toil in our garage on current projects when there is time. That’s why I initially put a window air conditioner out there, as it gets harshly hot in the Summer when the door is shut and there is no cross breeze. I hoped to put a ductless mini cut out there, but they’re considerably more high-priced than current window air conditioners. I can get a current window air conditioner for under $300 that will fit the window in our garage, but a good ductless mini cut is going to run at least $3,000 by contrast. That’s another zero with all things considered!

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