A great place to hang out

There is this after hours bar where I live that is a good hang out for young late night folks like myself.

  • I prefer to go here and like some smooth jazz music and just take in the essence of a quiet and good lounge style atmosphere.

I used to not want to go here all the time because of the air quality, the air quality used to be genuinely bad due to everyone being able to smoke cigarettes there. Now I have to disclose that I am a smoker, although I never smoke indoors. Not even in my own home! Recently they banned smoking inside the after minutes bar plus you can only smoke outside plus off to the side a bit so the smoke doesn’t come in the bar, ever since they put this into place and cleaned the indoor air quality with a lot of portable media air cleaners the air quality in the after minutes bar is super great! I can not come here every single late night if I wanted to. They are open from 8pm to 5am. It is an undoubtedly unique place. I go there usually on the weekends plus on the nights before afternoons I do not have to work. I would take some time off and not go in there previously because of the air quality complications I mentioned. But now that this is no longer an issue plus the air quality is great, I go there every single option I can and I stay till 5am plus then go home and get sleep. It is genuinely awesome!


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