A HEPA filter to curb my allergies

After the heater installation at my house, the new electric heater completely changed my life.

It significantly improved the indoor comfort, and I bid goodbye to the sniffles I always got in the morning.

I purchased the house six months ago and have been doing some renovations to add my personal touch. When the house was finished, we started fitting a heating device. Since winter, it made sense to have good functioning heating equipment for comfort. The HVAC professional advised me on the frequency and importance of heater maintenance. My dog and I enjoyed the new comfort of the new house. Part of the renovation was adding a fireplace to transform my sitting room and add to the ambiance. The electric heating thermostat came with a wireless thermostat which was fascinating. The heating technician from the heating business also explained the requirements for repairs and some of the issues and benefits I would enjoy with the new electric heat pump. My puppy developed a liking for the new unit. She had a spot where she would sleep near the fireplace all through winter. I also asked the HVAC supplier to include a HEPA filter to curb my morning allergies. With an excellent a/c care plan, I would only need to contact the HVAC serviceman for annual servicing and occasional repairs. It was our little haven. I keep adding little touches to the house, and I love it. It took me quite some time and effort to earn my little space, but it was all worth it in the end.


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