A service contract is saving me

I am an extremely absent minded person.

With my approach to life, I am not extremely “grounded,” as they say.

I forget major important events, and have to scramble to make up for my lapses in memory and judgment. That’s why I was happy when I had my new HVAC system installed. I was tired of consistently trying to remember to set my control component and change the air filters on my aged indoor air handling devices! Because the HVAC needed extra repair and upkeep, it was a pain trying to keep the air filter clean because it needed to be changed every few weeks. I was tired of the poor indoor air quality, drafty patches, and freezing spots. When I had a new heating, cooling, and air quality control system installed by a reputable professional repair shop, I got a great, energy-efficient indoor air quality control device. I also got a multi-year service contract. I resolved to get the routine repair and repair package which included periodic visits from a professional certified heating, cooling, and ventilation expert. Now, I do not have to remember to take care of my heating and cooling system at all. A trustworthy professional heating and cooling technician is maintaining my equipment so I can just love the substituted indoor air quality, so I no longer have to worry about what I might be forgetting.
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