A winter wedding could be cute

My sister and her boyfriend met around Christmas a couple of years ago.

They always think of the winter season as their time of the year.

When Jack proposed, my sister was very happy and elated. She immediately went into planning mode. She asked me to be her maid of honor. It became my job to make sure that everything for the wedding was absolutely perfect. When my sister told me that she was going to plan for a winter wedding, I thought she was crazy. I definitely thought that she was going to have the wedding indoors. She decided to have the wedding inside of an old barn outside of town, right next to the skating rink where she met Jack. It was a really beautiful old barn, but I knew it was going to be cold inside of the building. There was no central heating inside of that old barn. I contacted a couple of equipment rental places in the area and I found an HVAC contracting company that was willing to rent me six stand up propane heaters. The stand up propane heaters were very easy to transport in the back of my truck. They were a little banged up on the bottom, but they looked great on the top. It was easy to put a tank of propane inside of the heater and it was hidden perfectly and out of view from the wedding guests. The six propane heaters made the indoor temperature feel like it was a warm summer day in the wedding and reception turned out to be a huge success.

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