Air cleaning machines remove 98% of indoor air contaminants

During the Spring season, the two of us were actually able to kick back as well as enjoy the unique season.

This has not consistently been always true for the two of us due to problems with allergens. It’s great that the two of us don’t have problems with this all of the time but there are certainly some that would be in the same boat for me. Winter is one dreaded season because I have to find myself inside trapped with only the gas heating system running. I have never regularly been to a place where I can go Outdoors during winter and I’ll let it interests like hockey are not exactly interesting to me. The two of us don’t really go Outdoors at all and during the winter, that means that we aren’t getting out much. Spring makes everything attractive and we love being able to see all of the trees and birds. Pollen undoubtedly overwhelms the two of us and this can make being outside disappointing at times. The two of us have prescription medications to manage all of the allergy related symptoms. During the spring, the two of us also decided to install a heating as well as AC unit. It took only a little bit of time to install the UV air cleaning device in our heating, ventilation and AC system. The air cleaning machine removes 98% of indoor air contaminants. Even more of the contaminants can be removed, if I decide to put a high efficiency particulate air filter instead of something cheap inside of the machine.

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