Air conditioning & dry skin

In addition to moisturizer, you can purchase a humidifier for your home

I am an esthetician & I am going to provide you a few examples of what can cause dry skin & some tips on how to combat these issues. First & foremost is not drinking enough water. Our bodies are made up of mostly water & skin is the largest organ in our body. It is essential that you drink enough water, whether it is cold or boiling outside to keep your skin nice & soft. Speaking of boiling & cold, heating & A/C can both cause dry skin. The Winter weeks can cause lots of dry skin from the cold un-even temperatures to being inside with heat all afternoon… You may notice that when you spend a lot of time in central heating your skin & lips dry out. To combat this issue, make sure you use extra moisturizer. My number one moisturizers for the Winter weeks & central heating are thick & unscented creams. You may also notice that in the summer time weeks when you want to show off your skin, the central air conditioning is making your skin dry. Being out in the sun can also contribute to dry skin. There are a few ways you can deal with this issue, then just adore dealing with dry skin from central heat, you can use a moisturizer (maybe use a lighter 1 in the summer) on your hands, feet, & lips or any other dry spots. In addition to moisturizer, you can purchase a humidifier for your home. You may not believe adore adding humidity in the summer, but you can just put this in your family room if you would adore to help your dry skin.

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