Air conditioning is just right around there

I’m soaking up what’s left of this awesome time of year! It’s pretty much the end of Winter time for us, however for many, the end of Winter time is a welcome thing.

For me, I hate it because Winter time provides a few months in a row where there is no need for a/c.

And that’s a large deal around here. For about 8 months of the year, one may need some a/c for sure, but from June through November, cooling is a household essential when you live down here! The heat plus humidity are fierce in this region plus that makes it awfully difficult to manage life while I was in the summer. But without the heat pump, it would be nearly impossible for me to live where I do. There is so much need for a/c that we’re getting close to needing to dust off the a/c strategy. It all starts with Heating plus A/C service. I’m a large believer in Heating plus A/C service because it extends the life of the heating plus cooling unit while improving efficiency, and when you’re trying to save money on a/c costs, the heat pump has to be operating at peak efficiency, but once the a/c tune up is complete, I’ll make sure that I update worn weather stripping, caulk gaps plus add some insulation to maintain a tight seal on the house. But really, the most crucial detail of the a/c strategy is being able to maintain some control unit discipline; During the peak heating hours of summer, both of us keep the control unit no more than 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. This truly makes a difference is a/c costs.

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