Air conditioning is necessary when you are sunburnt

It is really respected to get sunburnt.

Even if you apply SPF, wear a hat, stay in the shade, and take other preventative measures the UV rays are often so strong that you can get burned.

Sunburn can range from a mild annoyance to a dire medical problem. Most sunburns are mild, however they are painful and irrirtating. After a long day at the beach if you are sunburned it is crucial to keep your body cool, however drinking a lot of water and using aloe vera can help. It is necessary to stay in the air conditioning when you are sunburned. The air conditioning will immediately cool your core temperature, especially when you are feeling hotter than ever from your burn. Sporadically sunburn is so bad that it can give you chills and make you think cold. In this situation,you should still be in the air conditioning because your body temperature will increase again and you will need a cool environment. Air conditioning can help you think more calm and cool when you are sizzling and irritated from the burn. Air conditioning can also help prevent sunburns in the future. When the UV rays are at their highest, it is essential to step out of the sun. You can step into an air conditioned restaurant to get out of the heat, or go into air conditioned stores. The sunshine will be available to you when you get out of the air conditioning. Many people stay out of the sunshine completely and stay inside in the air conditioning to avoid burns.

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