All concerts should be inside in the air conditioning

There is something about a concert, the loud music, seeing your favorite artist or band, the food and drinks. It can be a magical experience! I have been to quite a few concerts in my life and my favorite concerts have been the ones inside in the air conditioning. This may be an unpopular opinion, because outdoor concerts can be great but I always had a better time at the air conditioned concerts. Here are my reasons as to why I prefer air conditioned concerts over outdoor concerts. I am that person who likes to do my hair and makeup for concerts. I usually go with friends and we take lots of pictures together, so I want to look nice. Being in the air conditioning protects my hair and makeup throughout the night, since the heat and humidity are not phasing me with that wonderful A/C! Another reason is I like to dance and sing at concerts. This generates lots of energy and heat, so I often start sweating. I would much rather sweat in an air conditioned venue than outside in the heat. My next reason is bugs. I am also that person who always gets bit by mosquitoes outside. Being bit and itchy can easily irritate me and ruin the experience that I spent alot of money on. When you are inside in the air conditioning you are protected from pesky mosquito bites! My last reason is overall comfort. No one likes to be too hot or feel humidity when they are trying to have a good time. Concerts in A/C are better!


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