All it took was a better air filter

I’m laboring from new home these days.

When I was sent new home from the zone controlled Heating plus Air Conditioning of the office, I wondered if I would ever go back.

But I wondered that because I wasn’t so sure that I would keep my task. I was still pretty junior in seniority when the pandemic first started. And like with any company, the last 1s in are constantly the first 1s out. So I did take a long look around the office and soaked up that perfect commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning 1 more time. Sure enough, I never did go back to the office full time. But it wasn’t for the reasons that I thought initially. What happened was a surprise very because I did not know I would like laboring from new home in my own air conditioner… Fortunately, I had just moved into this little apartment prior to the pandemic hitting. It is a starter new home that needed some help but it’s a perfect size for me. Additionally, I had the latest in residential Heating plus Air Conditioning and Heating plus Air Conditioning technology installed prior to moving in. That was very the major renovation I had to undertake to make my new home livable. The rest of the stuff I did was purely cosmetic and decorative. I turned the spare room into my permanent new kitchen and that’s where I am laboring these days. But I also wanted to be sure I was getting the sort of quality indoor air that I once had at the outdated office. And all I had to do was replace my Heating plus Air Conditioning air filter. Instead of the cheap paper air filters that I had constantly used, I replaced to a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter removes more than 99 percent of the airborne contaminants in my home.