All of us need to get hiking set

I booked my hubby and I a trip overseas, the country is known for fjords, kayaking, hiking, rafting and gorgeous scenery; Needless to say, you need to be active in order to get the most out of your trip, but all the best hikes of the country are at least 5 miles long. There is one that takes around 12 sixths to complete if you are fit, however you need to climb up mountains, scale along rocks and then you get to a breathtaking sight. There is no driving route to cut time either. You have to do it all on your own, then my hubby and I aren’t exactly fit, then i don’t want to fly to the country, spend the money and not see everything. I have convinced my hubby both of us have to get in shae for this trip, and right now both of us take a semi private fitness training session at the local gym many nights a week. The fitness expert is getting our muscles ready to hike. All of us apparently need to cut weight around our middle and ton our legs and arms. Right now the more than one of us walk on the treadmill, use the elliptical, rest down on the bike and do low weight and high repetition lifting. I am entirely excited that I don’t leave the gym super sore and tired. Right now I just feel a slight twinge and fatigue. I know the fitness expert is pacing us and going to up the intensity. I need stamina more than anything else. I can’t expect to achieve that in a week. That is why I provided our fitness expert plenty of time to get us into shape for our big hiking trip.


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