All she had to do was reset the AC

Gabby and Ashley are twins, and they are always together.

However, they also have some epic fights, some of which can last days.

I am their roommate and I always find myself caught in the middle of their brawls. We met in college, and decided to live off campus together in order to get more freedom. The twins and I had shared a few classes, and we clicked. So it only made sense that we move in together and share the costs. Our parents had no objection to this so we found a place and began furnishing it. Gabby and Ashley are the sweetest people, but they have such different personalities. While Gabby is sweet and mellow, Ashley can be a hard head and intolerable. Well one summer I had to travel with my aunt and uncle who always love to bring me on vacations. So, I left Gabby and Ashley at home since they both had work. I remember lying on a sunbed enjoying my vacation and got a text from Gabby that the AC was off. For a moment I thought she had meant to send this text to Ashley since I was hundreds of miles away. But, she followed the text up with a call explaining that the AC in our shared home wasn’t working. I told Gabby there was no way I could help her, so she had to find an HVAC company to sort out this issue. I also knew deep down her and Ashley were fighting and this was why she phoned me. I felt bad so I did some research on my phone after we hung up, and called Gabby explaining she had to reset the AC and it would work.