Almost forgot to change the air filter!

I was wondering why the A/C was nearly as efficient as it usually is.

I thought that maybe I was imagining things, until my son complained about the air conditioning unit as well.

So obviously I was not imagining things, and the heating and A/C unit needed to be looked at. As I sat there and wondered about what could be causing the issue, I realized that I hadn’t gotten A/C maintenance this year. I really hoped that there was not an undetected issue that was causing the problem. I decided to take a look at the cooling component myself. While I was looking at the cooling device, I realized that I had forgotten to change the air filter on time. I quickly grabbed a new air filter and pulled out the old HEPA air filter. I realized the old one was completely and utterly filthy! And when I put the new one in, my A/C machine started acting normal again. I realized that it was likely because of the old air filter being clogged and clogging the air conditioning machine up was the issue. Well, I am glad that I caught the issue in time before it could cause more problems! I then decided to go ahead and make an appointment with the heating and A/C corporation for an HVAC tune up appointment, to make sure there are no other issues to worry about. The appointment was successfully made, and the A/C specialist was supposed to be seeing us tomorrow.


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