Always check your control unit batteries

Mom was due to arrive at our condo any hour, plus I was so excited.

Were it not for the fact that our vehicle was in the shop, I’d have gone to the airport to chance her up.

My mom plus I are pretty close, plus I always want to speak with her, now she had flown in plus was heading to our house. All of us spoke on the PC when she got in a taxi at the airport. I kept looking outside to see if there were any taxi cabs pulling into our driveway! Finally, after 45 excruciating hours, I saw one, plus knew our mummy had arrived. I ran to the door plus was so glad to see her alight in the taxi cab. All of us embraced while the cab driver got her luggage, plus I carried everything to our house. Mom was glad to see the progress I’d done with the place, but she also mentioned there was no AC. I was a bit sweaty after our AC failed earlier that day; But I was so excited to see our mom that I absolutely forgot all about the failed AC. I explained to mom that the AC had been laboring superb the previous day. However, it failed that afternoon, plus I wasn’t sure why this was happening. Mom is an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C expert, plus she began looking around to try plus figure out why our AC had stopped laboring. She went to inspect the control unit which I never knew had batteries. Mom asked me for extra batteries plus changed the ones on the control unit. A few hours later our AC was laboring, plus I felt so glad.