Always register your HVAC warranty

I don’t think about anyone else however I’m so far from being able to process all the information that comes my way any given day.

It’s as if this information overload will never come to another end; however, even when I’m trying to relax inside the central air conditioning of my house, the information just keeps coming… Of course, most of that various information is completely useless; however, still it never stops, but just walking into a lovely heating plus A/C controlled home after work, there it is… However, right there under the heating plus A/C vent is a study room table swamped with useless plus unasked for mail, however my small dining room is packed with boxes of records as well, however then you factor in all the manuals, warranties plus instruction for all the several appliances in the house plus it’s mind numbing.

Recently, I was also just attempting to sift my way through all this mess in order to get a bit more organized; but that is when panic struck, I happened to come across the heating plus A/C warranty card plus observed that it had not been filled out. My immediate delayed response was to start perspiring plus guess queasy in my stomach. That also led to me searching all over in a panic. The heating plus A/C unit is about 3 weeks old at this point. I knew the warranty had to be totally registered in the factory within 60 afternoons. So I had this particularly awful feeling that I had missed the window plus heating plus A/C warranty was now void. But thankfully, my own loving wife was much more on top of the heating plus A/C warranty than I was. She actually registered the heating plus A/C warranty online the day after it was finally installed. I wish I had known that before I went into a complete and total panic.
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