Arguments over the control unit

I never thought both of us would get into an argument as crazy as the one both of us had.

What were both of us arguing about, you might ask? Thermostats.

The people I was with and I were arguing about the unusual kinds of control units, plus what both of us should do with our own control unit. You see, both of us currently have a dial control component in our home, plus while the control component works just fine, I wanted to get something better. I knew there were better control units out there, plus after a little research, I found the perfect one. The smart control unit. The smart control component is way more efficient plus saves you money with every Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C bill. Not only that, however you also have the benefit of controlling the control component through your cellphone! I thought that was super cool, plus couldn’t wait to take the news to our fiance. I thought he would be excited about the new nest control unit, however instead he was horrified! He didn’t want to replace the current programmable control unit, because he liked our outdated one. He told myself and others he would recognize exhausting if it was thrown away. Who loves their control component so much that they recognize exhausting if it gets thrown away? Apparently our fiance does. The people I was with and I ended up getting into an argument over it, because I had already bought the new smart control unit. I recognize he will eventually see that I am right, plus he’ll come around soon enough. When he does I already have a heating plus cooling system specialist lined up to do the control component replacement for us.



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