Author: Phillip

Heating and cold air specialist

I proposed that my child call Davis to come and repair his cooling system. Davis is his childhood friend and he is now a heating and AC specialist. My friend and I first met Davis and his parents when my child and I moved to the area. I had landed a fantastic job in this […]

Radio call got me a cooling system

I ended up winning an HVAC system on a sound station call last month, and this was the first time that this kind of thing has ever happened to me in my entire life, that’s for sure! I never win anything at all! Even back when I was a kid, I didn’t ever win anything. […]

Marion killed the air con system

Marion called me last month asking what time I was getting out of work, and that she needed my assistance at her work with the A/C. Marion is my baby sister, and I’ve always had her back and I know that’s the job of a big sister. Whenever she had any issue as a kid, […]

My daughter lost her cooling system

When my child returned from her short getaway, she wasn’t delighted. In fact, she called me crying because her condo plants were almost dying. I told her to try and save all the ones she could and get rid of the ones that were beyond saving. My child has a love and passion for plants. […]

That little mini split air con system

I love the mini split A/C in the hotel that we’re staying at this week. I had never even seen a ductless mini split A/C unit before that I can remember, up until this point, but my friend and I are staying in a hotel because of a ceremony that we are going to on […]

Where to put the ductwork

My spouse and I are working on an old condo but there’s nowhere to put the modern HVAC duct for the HVAC system. The condo is pretty big, but like most aged houses, there aren’t certainly enough closets in it. I know people back in the old days did not have much stuff to store […]

Heating system duct cleaning job

This summertime when I get out of school, I’m going to go to work for a HVAC duct cleaning corp. I found out that they were hiring when I went to the condo for Spring break, and so I went ahead and put my application in so that I could start working when school lets […]

We contacted the cooling expert

My partner and I have always wanted to go camping in the woods. But, we both disagree on how to do it, as I am more of a tent on the ground kind of girl and I’d also go to the bathroom in the woods. However, my partner is more boujee. He grew up in […]

The guys saw the air con was off

Bill and Jake had the best time spending the weekend at the beach. They had longed for this the entire winter time when the temperatures were miserable. So they made sure to take two weeks from work for their short getaway. As professionals, they have busy lives and demanding careers. However, Jake and Bill make […]

The only heating device we had

The little old cottage that my friend and I stayed in during our getaway only had baseboard heating and nothing else. When I say nothing else, I mean it! There were no ceiling fans, no fireplaces, no A/C units, and no other sources of heating. I was truly thinking that it was a place that […]