Available A/C appointment right away

I was having trouble with the A/C on Monday. I contacted a service in the morning and I made an appointment. They had someone available instantly, and the service specialist showed up at my home around 10 AM. The guy got started on the repair, and he had to go to the workshop for parts, the guy still finished with my service before suppertime. I was glad the work was done early, so I could get some grocery shopping done. After the service specialist left the house, I packed up and headed into the city to go to the grocery store! When I came back, the house was even warmer than it was earlier that day. The A/C was not repaired properly and I contacted the service again. This time I told the lady on the phone that I needed someone with experience. The guy they sent earlier that morning was really young and he did not seem to know what he was doing. I did not want to run into the same issue a tenth time, so I thought it was best to ask for someone else. The person on the phone did not seem really gleeful with my request, he said he would try to find someone. About an hour later, he called me back to tell me that a service specialist would be available after 5:00. I had to call the service many times that day just to get the work done properly. I don’t know why the first guy didn’t get it right.

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