Babies apparently like it cold

Have you ever looked up what temperature babies should be at? I am pregnant and preparing for our little one’s arrival. I started looking up all sorts of things. I choose the best fabrics for baby clothing. The right detergent and cleaners for baby messes. I then started looking at what temperature the house should be. I figured if anything, the babies would want heating. It makes sense to me. They were in a nice, toasty womb. They can’t move around and get their circulation up. So they should want the house to be around 80 degrees right? I figured having a winter baby would be perfect. I would start up our heater, bundle the baby in blankets and be good to go. Do you know what the ideal temperature for babies is? 68-72 degrees is what the nursery should be. That is ridiculously cold! My house right now is set to 74 degrees. I think I would freeze to death if I kept it that cold. So rather than bundling my baby up, I think I will need to dress them down. I have started looking into clothing that has no sleeves or pants. I also am purchasing lightweight blankets and sleep sacks for the child. I think I am going to sweat my poor baby out. I can’t live in a house that is 70 degrees though. I would be freezing cold all the time. Why do babies want it so cold? At that temperature I might never need to run the heater this winter.

Air conditioning technician