Be sure to listen to the realtor when it comes to an HVAC upgrade

So having to pack up 30 years of our lives, sell the house and move away was kind of brutal all on its own. But, there was really nothing other than that to do. It doesn’t make it any easier that’s for sure. Having lived in our home for almost thirty years makes it so hard to leave. And when we chose to go with the best residential HVAC and HVAC technology that didn’t make it any easier. But that’s what we did. The realtor pointed out that our old HVAC just wasn’t going to cut it. Honestly, I knew we would have to take care of the old HVAC unit prior to getting the house on the market. It was just another detail that I wasn’t ready to take on quite frankly. However, there were several improvements that needed to be made in order for us to get the price we wanted and the HVAC was one of them. New, reliable HVAC technology is a big driver for prospective buyers. In this area great residential HVAC is required. And the realtor was happy to show us the data from all the comps in our area. The region we live in, having great HVAC cooling is super important. Upgrading the HVAC equipment was an education. I had no idea of the advancement in HVAC technology. Plus, the process of replacing HVAC equipment was no hassle at all. Outside of a couple of meetings with an HVAC contractor, the HVAC company took care of everything else. We ended up with some of the best heating and cooling equipment out there. And it really did add just a ton of value to our home. But having all that great HVAC cooling sure was tough to say goodbye to.

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