Because of drain cleaning, my wedding ring was saved.

I take my rings off whenever I do dishes, wash my hands, or take a shower.

My husband is always telling me I shouldn’t put my rings on the sink or anywhere near the sink, but I never listen.

Last week, I was sure I had put my wedding ring and diamond back on my finger after doing dishes. I didn’t see anywhere near the sink, and I was worrying. When my husband got home from work, I quietly asked him of he knew about drain cleaning? He wanted to know if the bathtub drain was clogged from hair again? I told him no, and he asked about the bathroom sink? Once again, I said no. He told me to tell him I had poured grease down the drain again. I just shrugged and tried to smile, but it was more of a grimace from the look on his face. He quietly asked me why I asked about drain cleaning. I held up my hand to show him I was minus my wedding ring. He shook his head and went into the basement. Ten minutes later, he was back upstairs with a pipe wrench in his hand. He told me the water would be off, so don’t touch the sink, and crawled under the sink. He grumbled about how smelly drain cleaning was, and told me I would do the drain cleaning the next time I took my rings off. He came out from beneath the sink and handed me my ring and an earring I had apparently lost. When he got home from work the next day, he had some small screens that fit into the drains and would catch anything that didn’t belong down the drain.

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