Being comfortable helps a lot

It was cheaper than I was expecting as well, which was nice.

It is so much harder to stick to a goal when you are uncomfortable, that is something I ended up learning the hard way. I am switching from working from my office to working from home. I made a home office pretty easily thanks to an empty room I had, but the issue was my home. The one thing about my office is that it has nice air conditioning. I love colder temperatures, and the office was always quite cool, if not chilly. While I know there were some complaints about the temperature, I loved it. However, now that I am switching to working from home, the temperature is just not as good. Part of it is because the room I chose is directly in front of the sun, and even when I draw the blinds, I can still feel rays of sun seeping through and hitting my face and making me hot. I had a desk fan and for a while that worked, but as we headed further into summer time, even the fan wasn’t helping much. I decided getting a portable air conditioning unit was going to be my best bet. The HVAC store wasn’t that far away, and in the heating and A/C store, I found the perfect portable air conditioner. It was cheaper than I was expecting as well, which was nice. I bought the portable A/C unit and brought it home. After I added it to my home office, I didn’t even notice a difference from my home office compared to my old office. I could close my eyes and it would still feel exactly like the cooling in my old office. Problem has been solved.

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