Being stuck in a/c in the summer can lead to depression

Many studies show that there is a link between natural sunlight and mood.

  • Studies show that the more we are exposed to natural light and greenery, the happier we will be and the better quality of life we will have.

I absolutely love being outside. I would rather be outside in the sunshine in the garden or at the beach than inside in the air conditioning watching a movie. This explains why people are often sad during the winter months when they are stuck inside with central heat or a fireplace instead of being outside in the sunshine. Living in the south in the summer has made me feel depressed at points. Being from the north, I am used to being outside everyday in the summer and only being inside in the air conditioning when I went to bed. I used to have a window air conditioner unit to use at night time and there were some summer nights that were so cool, I did not even need to turn my window A/C unit on. I have felt depressed at some points in the summer in the south because the heat and humidity is extreme. I do not have a swimming pool, so unless I go to the beach in the afternoon going outside is not an option for me. I often stay inside in the air conditioning during the hot afternoons, looking at the sunny skies outside. This makes me feel depressed because I would much rather be outside in the fresh air than stuck inside in the air conditioning during the summer.


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