Blake is a ninth generation beef farmer

Blake hates going to the city.

He much prefers being back at the ranch where he feels most comfortable.

But, if it can’t be avoided, he swings out of the dirty jeans and cowboy hat. The last time Blake had to dress up was for his number one niece. She was getting married and Blake was representing his Mom who had passed away. Blake would walk his down the aisle, but not in jeans. Instead, his spouse got him a tux and he must admit he did look nice in it. Still, it’s self-explanatory to understand why Blake feels comfortable at the ranch. He is a ninth generation beef farmer and has consistently been surrounded by critters. As a kid, he toyed with odd ideas of what he wanted to become when he grew up. Blake even went ahead and trained in a Heating and Air Conditioning school to become an Heating and Air Conditioning professional. He managed to get his Heating and Air Conditioning certification and moved to the neighborhood for work. Life wasn’t that terrible since Blake was young, had currency and living in an amazing place. But, he consistently felt something was missing. Everytime he went back home, he found it harder to leave and resume his task as an Heating and Air Conditioning professional. Eventually, Blake quit and returned to the farm to labor alongside his Mom who was so ecstatic with this decision. Now, Blake is in charge of the farm and raises many beef cattle. He still loves everything to do with Heating and Air Conditioning and even services the Heating and Air Conditioning system in their home, but beef cattle farming is where his heart will consistently be.

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