It’s time for Mr. Robinson to buy a new cooling unit

Recently, Mr.

Robinson retired from his job as a police officer.

Before he had his last day on the force, Mr. Robinson had served his city for close to 4 decades. He’s always telling the most interesting stories about the different things he’s seen on the streets. On his last day at the station, his colleagues and captain had a surprise for him. He came in to handle some paperwork and walked into a party. Mr. Robinson had the best time at his small farewell bash and still smiles whenever he recalls the amazing things his co-workers had to say. It’s been quite an adjustment going from barely being at home to barely leaving the house. During the last two weeks, Mr Robinson began noticing a few things that needed his attention in his house. HIs wife had always complained about the cooling unit. But, Mr. Robinson was rarely around to notice that the cooling unit was failing. After about a week of enduring poor air conditioning, he began looking into hiring an HVAC company to take care of the replacement. It’s better to handle the faulty cooling unit now than wait until it stops working completely. Mr. Robinson went on his computer and found an HVAC company with excellent reviews. He called them and spoke with an HVAC rep about needing a new cooling unit for his home. When the lady found out he’d recently retired from the police force, she said he’d get a few discounts on the new cooling unit for his home. Mr. Robinson is so stoked and can’t wait for the HVAC technician to come by and replace the aging cooling unit.


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Who knew Heating and AC school would be so much fun?

HIs goal is to work for some of the best HVAC companies in the area

Brad wasn’t the brightest kid in school. In fact, it was quite hard for him to maintain average grades. Things got worse for him in high school and it took all he had not to quit school. Brad credits one of his teachers who never made him like he was a failure. Instead, she took time to coach Brad so that he can at least get average grades. She’s also the one who started speaking to him about different industries like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. Brad’s teacher explained that her son also had a difficult time in school when he was younger. But, she never made him feel like he had to go to university to succeed in life. The teacher and her son began exploring alternative courses and that’s when he settled on trade school to study to become a plumber. He is living a comfortable life, owns his own home, runs a small plumbing business and is married with 2 kids. Brad’s teacher encouraged him to begin exploring different industries and he settled on HVAC school. He was a bit nervous that it would be hard since there was theory work involved. But, he is thriving. Recently, Brad met up with his teacher in town and reported that he finds HVAC school quite thrilling. Brad is looking forward to completing his studies so he can start work, as a professional HVAC worker. HIs goal is to work for some of the best HVAC companies in the area. Later, Brad dreams of starting his own business and [possibly employing more kids who had a challenging time in school.


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My sister says they are getting a boiler

My sister says that they are going to be getting a boiler as the heating system in their house this year. I told her that this was really just not a good idea. I have a lot of fear when it comes to boilers, and that all goes all the way back to my childhood. I hated the boiler in the basement at my grandparents’ house and I used to think that it was some kind of a monster instead of a heating system! My older cousin used to scare me to death during the winter whenever our grandma would make us go downstairs to the furnace room to get some of her jam or jelly out of the closet in the basement for her. She would tell us to stay away from the boiler and my cousin would push me toward it whenever we went downstairs. Then my cousin would say that the boiler wasn’t a heating system at all. He used to tell me that it was a big metal monster and whenever my grandma forgot to turn on the boiler, it would reach up through the heating vents upstairs and grab us by our feet in the middle of the night. My cousin was so mean. I mean who in the world thinks up a crazy story like that? I guess my cousin thought that it was funny and he and my sister used to make fun of me for it all the time. My sister still does, and so she thought that it was hilarious whenever she told me about the boiler that they are having installed.


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We have to invest in a new furnace this year

Truly, unless it’s the middle of the winter and your family is in danger of freezing in one of the colder states, you don’t really have to worry all that much about a broken down furnace until it gets really deep into the winter.

We are going to have to invest in a new furnace this year before the winter gets here. We have been talking about getting a new furnace for a few years now, but it has just never really seemed to be the right time for us. Something always seems to go wrong whenever you have a big household expense that you have to pay for. The car tears up, the window gets broken, or you have to bail your brother out of jail. Or maybe that only happens to me! Either way, investing in a new furnace is one of those home improvements that everyone probably needs to do at some time or another, but it’s one that tends to get pushed back to the bottom of the list over and over. Truly, unless it’s the middle of the winter and your family is in danger of freezing in one of the colder states, you don’t really have to worry all that much about a broken down furnace until it gets really deep into the winter. Luckily for us, we haven’t had really cold winters around here in years now. The weather has been really warm here during the winters over the past two years. That doesn’t mean that it can’t change at any second, though! I want to get the new furnace installed right away before the weather starts cooling off. I don’t want to take any chances with waiting on the furnace because for all we know, it could get cold around here tomorrow! That would be my luck.


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Furnace season is a comin’

The cold season is finally here and I am so excited too, as the winter season has forever been our number one season for a lot of reasons.

The first reason is it’s very cold out, and I’ve regularly been a person that loves the cold.

And while the summers are quite sizzling hot here, when winter rolls around all of that horrible heat disappears. Then again, I have to try to maintain our heating plan, however I don’t really mind maintaining our old furnace because taking care of the heating thing is much easier than taking care of our a/c unit. The second reason I love the winter season is because of how beautiful it is. In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful season of the year, with all those blankets of snow covering the grass, it just looks like a nice white winter wonderland. The third reason that the winter season is our best season is because it’s the holiday season, and I simply love celebrating the holidays with the entire family. Every year I go over to our parents’ flat, where we all sit by the fireplace and open gifts during Christmas. My parents have this really old and cool traditional fireplace that is surrounded in stone and marble. When I was a little tyke, I used to sleep in front of that fireplace during the wintertime season. And having Christmas with our parents while sleeping in front of the old fireplace brings back a bunch of those fond memories, such as how I would be so tired after opening all of my gifts and then fall asleep in front of the warmth of the fire. Those moments are more like heaven, and I wish I could just go back once more. But at the same time, I still enjoy that I am returning home every month and that I am going to celebrate the holiday, as well as have some good family time. In my opinion, it’s the little things like that which really matter in life. That fireplace may be something simple, yet it really added so much to my life. I love that old stone fireplace and I am happy that our dear parents have a cool fireplace instead of something like an artificial fireplace. While electric fireplaces are simple to use, I do not think they are as cool as a traditional stone fireplace.


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The summer sun was heating up

Keeping cool in the summer time is usually not an issue for me, however this summer season has been a bit different.

We’ve had heat waves that have come through this summer like I’ve never felt before.

I do not know why it’s so warm now, however I think it’s really miserable. It’s hard to have any kind of good times when you are so crazy hot that you can’t even go out in the heat. I feel like the moment that I step outside and go in the sun, my old skin sets itself on fire. If I have to be out, I am quickly sent running for the shade. So what I’ve been doing this summer season is not going outside till dark, as it’s just too warm and I have not been going out unless it’s needed. I have been hiding from the sun inside our big home and enjoying the icey cool a/c that has been keeping that nasty heat away. Thankfully, despite the strong heat waves that we’ve had coming through, our a/c cooling device has been relatively untouched by them. I like to think that it’s because I took care of and maintained it all these years. I tried my best to make sure it was ready to accept the worst weather that the world was ready to throw at me, and so far it’s been pretty darn good. I was lying on the floor directly underneath the air vent with the cooling unit on full blast, and going outside might be a really miserable experience, but staying in and enjoying the a/c is like nothing else I can describe. It’s cool and relaxing, and I will not go anywhere until it cools down a whole lot.

a/c workman

A bad a/c repair job

Yesterday was a bit of a disturbing time for me, as I genuinely got badly messed up on the job.

I do not have any fright when it comes to performing heat and cooling repair, as It’s something I’ve been doing forever now.

So when I was told that I would have to work on an a/c unit that was on a roof, I didn’t think twice about it. I’ve done something like this a thousand times, and so I was more than used to climbing up on high ten or so story roofs to change out a/c units. Of course, not all of the Heating, Ventilation, and air systems are up so high. However, when you’ve been in the Heating and cooling business as long as I have, you’ve done this a lot of times and it becomes really easy. As far as I was concerned, it was just another regular Tuesday afternoon. I climbed up to the top of the roof and everything was normal, and I had brought up my green toolbox to repair the a/c unit. The trouble started when I was making my way back over to the ladder and my left foot slipped, at which point I nearly fell off the ladder. I just slipped a little tiny bit and I completely veered to the right and nearly fell off. Everything was soaked and slippery because it had been pouring recently, and I am so lucky that I didn’t fall off that high roof. Even when I was walking around up there, my crocs kept slipping and so I had to be super careful. Luckily, when I almost slipped going down that metal ladder, I was able to grab myself and stop myself from falling down it. On the rest of the way down, I kept a strong grip on the ladder and I was extra careful when carrying the green tool bag. I made it down just fine, and the old funny customer got a well running Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system once again.

hvac tech

The best cooling system you can buy

My kid is a funny one, and she’s been helping me pick out a cooling unit.

I’ve been going back and forth for the last 20 weeks trying to decide what a/c contraption I should get.

I am genuinely stuck between getting a window a/c plan or a small mini split a/c device. I am looking for a portable unit and not a central AC cooling device. The best portable a/c unit at the heating and AC company is a window a/c unit and the ductless mini split unit. I decided to get our daughter’s opinion on it, and she was able to do some research for me about which one she thought would be a better option. However, even with the good research that she did, I still could not pick one because they both had their pros and cons. How am I ever going to get a portable a/c unit? She recommended that I go to the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor’s store to take a look for myself and to ask one of the heating and A/C pros for their advice. They do this kind of stuff all the time, so they should know. I think I am not getting any portable a/c unit just yet, instead I am going to wait until I know for sure what I want, and that is when I’ll buy one. I do not want to get something and then regret buying it instead of something better.

ductwork cleaning

A/C system help

My neighbor has been having many problems with her a/c unit.

She’s a genuinely nice and sweet older lady who is regularly doing great things for the community.

She was having some trouble with her cooling device and could not afford to have it fixed by a pro, and so I felt like I had to help her out. This is true because I am a heating and air con technician by trade, and I’ve been working in the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business for the better part of 29 years now. She knew I was doing something, however I do not think she thought that I was a heating and a/c workman. When I went over to her flat and knocked on her door, I asked her if she was trying to have her a/c fixed. She told me yes, so I said I’d be willing to take care of her a/c unit for free because she’s such a nice widow. She seemed very surprised and she asked me if I was a heating dealer and I told her I was, and that I worked for a Heating, Ventilation & air con company. She was honestly happy when I offered to take care of her a/c plan, and then she told me that the problem was that it was no longer putting out any cold air. She would put her foot in front of the air vent, and only warmish air was blowing out. She was so nervous that this was something more serious, however I took a look at her cooling unit and it was really in perfect condition. All that it needed was some more coolant added. Luckily, because I am a heating and cooling supplier, I was able to get it, and as soon as I added it to her cooling device it was ice cold once again. She was gleeful when she felt the very cold air. Now she could relax and enjoy her flat again without having to feel disgustingly tepid all of the time.



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The window unit is really nasty

I was looking out of our window at the cooling device resting on our window today and I noticed something on it.

I saw that it was starting to look blacker and so I decided that it was time to scrub it. I turned it off and then unplugged it, and after that I took it out of the window. Sure enough, there was lint as well as grime and all kinds of things sticking on the inside of it, and outside it had lots of dirt on it. This is what happens when you leave the window a/c unit in the window for a few months straight. I do not genuinely use our central air con plan, as I only use our window a/c unit now, and because of this I have our cooling unit running almost all of the time. As you can imagine, this can cause our window cooling system to get quite dirty, and so it needs to be cleaned a lot. When I removed it from the window, I took it to the table and then I took a damp brush and started wiping down the outside. After that, I opened the entire cooling device and took a can of air cleaner and started spraying all the dust and stuff from the inside. I wasn’t even done cleaning it, yet it was already working so much better. After I had blown out the dust and dirt from the inside, I took a slightly damp sponge and wiped down the inside of the window a/c device. I thoroughly dried it and I left it out to air dry for a little longer. Once I was finished, I put it back in place and let it continue to do its job of keeping our old home nice and cool.
washable filter

Furnace is on its way out

I’ve had the same old heater for 12 years now, and I am not going to have it much longer, despite the fact that it’s not so old. I’ve been having a lot of concerns with it from the start, though. But instead of continuing to pay maintenance fees on it, to have it taken care of, I think I am just going to buy a new one. The one I have is a gas heater, but I have decided that I am ready to move on to a new type of furnace, which is supposed to be a better one anyways. I’ve been going to various heating and AC suppliers all around the city looking at the heating and air products to get an idea of what heating system it is that I will get. However, even though I have a nice new electric style furnace in mind, that may not ultimately be what I buy. It genuinely just depends on what types of products the heating and AC business has available. If I find another type of heating unit that is available that I think will do better, then I may go with that one instead. The last trip I made to the local business really got my attention, as there were a couple of ones that I was genuinely considering. The first was a hot water heater and the other was a geothermal heat pump device. I am not ready to buy anything yet because I think that I am going to need to do more research. It’s a monstrous decision for me because the HVAC systems cost a lot of money, and I want to make the right pick and choose the right one. I want something that is going to last for a long time and be of high quality, unlike our old gas furnace system.

Heating and air conditioning products

The smart thermostats are awesome

I love having a dial temperature device, and I do not want people to see them as old time things, however in my opinion they’re still a wonderful option for a temperature device.

I assume there are tons of people that have moved on to having a smart device now.

And there are not many people that I can find, unless we are talking about older ladies, who are using a traditional dial thermostat. However, when our old beach home came with the dial type unit, I decided to keep it. I didn’t see any reason not to keep it, and so I kept it in our home. I assume that a lot of people have smart devices, yet I didn’t see a reason for me to get one myself. If our temperature control device is working perfectly fine for me, why would I need to go and get a brand new one? I had our grandson come over the other afternoon and he was surprised when I didn’t have a new smart device. I didn’t have one, because everyone that he knew had one. I told him that I like the old dial control device, and sure it could be because I am an older lady, however I know a few young kids that also like a dial control device themselves. I do know that some kids just like the simplicity of old technology in the same way. These smart devices are nice, but they’re just too complicated for me. I do not need something odd when it comes to our home’s heating and cooling system. I just need a device that is going to do what I need it to do, and that is what the dial control device does; it simply allows me to change the temperature.


The heating device can’t be touched

She likes to keep the home at 80 degrees, even during the summer

The more I ponder it, the more I genuinely do think that my girlfriend is really off her rocker. She’s so possessive over guess what…the temp control device? I have no clue why she is like this, yet she’s been this way ever since she and I began dating, because she has to have her precious temperatures a particular way. I thought at first she just had a strange kind of temperature preference, but that was until we made the mistake of moving in the home together, it was then that I realized I wasn’t even allowed to touch the control device any more. If I even attempted to change the temperature to something I was comfortable with she would holler at me. That is why I felt that I was in an unhealthy relationship, because I couldn’t even feel comfortable in our small lake home. There was one instance when it was a genuinely sizzling hot summertime afternoon out and the a/c device wasn’t on, and so I turned on the A/C. She likes to keep the home at 80 degrees, even during the summer. I turned down the temperature by one degree to 79, but when she found out about this she really went nuts, and my lady and I had a major tiff. That was the moment that I had had enough, and so I moved out, because I wasn’t going to continue living with someone that would not even let me be comfy in our own place. I am doing much better alone with my own heating & A/C unit, and now I can have it at any temp I wish.
a/c install

The bathroom air vents

I assume that everyone thinks it is kind of goofy to be adding an a/c system to our bathroom, but the reason is that this room is quite often one of the smelliest areas in our home.

And ductwork would help to get rid of some of those gross aromas, and also the bathroom is a very hot place in this house.

But for some reason the central cooling device just doesn’t seem to cool the bathroom well, so adding some ductwork to the bathroom would make people that go into the bathroom a lot more comfortable. Now that I have decided what kind of a/c we are going to use, I went down to the local heating dealership to see what kind of heating and cooling systems they had available, as they had several a/c units that I was interested in. They had the window a/c device and they had the ductless mini split air con unit. I decided that I was going to go with the ductless mini a/c device, and although the ductless a/c thing was overpriced, it seemed to be better quality and so I figured it would last much longer. So that was the one that I decided to snag. I obtained it for my shanty and then waited for the right time to fix the bathroom. I put it in there, turned it on, and I saw a vast improvement when I went into that smelly hot bathroom, as it was already so cool now. The best part was that the air conditioning system helped eliminate the aromas in the smelly bathroom, which was the best part.


Help with indoor comfort

Inexpensive HVAC maintenance

The heat pump’s final winter is coming up. Even though we don’t need a lot of heating in this place, the heat pump worked just fine when we did. No, that wonderful home HVAC system has reached its final phase. That old heat pump was actually the first actual appliance my wife and I ever bought together. When we first bought this house, it was the first thing we did to it. We weren’t able to purchase the most expensive heating and cooling systems because of our limited budget. But we got a really good, middle-of-the-road HVAC unit, all thanks to our fantastic HVAC company. Once that heat pump was put in, I can still remember feeling so proud. I truly believed my wife and I were homeowners. We also made sure to get the heat pump heating maintenance performed every fall to safeguard that investment. A springtime tune-up of the air conditioner was always done after that. We continued doing this year after year. I came close to wondering a few times how much money we were really spending on HVAC upkeep. I persisted though because it felt right and I believed what our HVAC specialists had advised. So, after 29 years, the junior varsity heat pump has practically paid for itself in HVAC upkeep. That old heat pump provided us with heating and cooling for nearly ten years longer than expected. Additionally, we never once experienced a problem with our high-quality heating and air. Yes, 29 years of flawless, high-quality heating and cooling have been possible only because of regular, seasonal HVAC maintenance.

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