Brad has better heating at his modern lake house

Brad has fond memories of when he was a kid living in a lake house.

It may have been somewhat small, but to him, it was a lot larger when he was a kid.

One thing about it is that the walls were thin so it did not have legitimately nice insulation. This did not bother Brad so much at 6 years old, mostly because he did not realize that was the case. However, Brad does remember that there were various ways to keep cozy, especially in the winter. Dad would often get him thick and fuzzy slippers and socks for example. Brad would also get nice and warm robes. Furthermore, he would buy us thick blankets so that Brad managed to be comfortable despite the rare insulation and heating in their home. He distinctly remembers that on chilly winter days, he would often stay in the vicinity of the kitchen because mom would often be baking or cooking. Brad stayed in the kitchen just as much for the sake of the warmth it gave as for the charming stinks and his natural curiosity for how mom cooked and baked. She shared various secrets and recipes with him when he was a kid, that Brad still uses to this day. Perhaps it wasn’t simple having awful insulation in their lake house and a heating unit that wasn’t all that efficient, but it led to us receiving heartfelt gifts from his parents to keep him warm and an opportunity to bond in the kitchen, Don’t get him wrong, Brad is cheerful that his apartment has good insulation and heating now that he is an adult.


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