Brandy was sure she hired the right HVAC company

Brandy wasn’t sure why her aunt and uncle left her the cottage. They had always been close and helped raise her. But, they had their kids, and Brandy didn’t expect to inherit anything from them. Her aunt and uncle left her a small note saying they knew she’d take good care of the cottage. None of her cousins had an issue with this, and the cottage was transferred to Brandy. As time passed, Brandy had the idea of turning the cottage into a small getaway she could rent to people after her friends stayed there and loved it. She had to find a contractor to do some upgrades. Plus, she needed a trustworthy HVAC company to take care of the cottage’s HVAC, plumbing and electrical work. It would cost a small fortune to bring the plumbing, wiring, heating, and cooling up to date. So Brandy was careful about hiring the right people for the extensive upgrade. Her boss came through with a referral to this HVAC company that did residential and commercial work. Instead of hiring 3 companies, Brandy could hire one to take care of the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work. Brandy did her research and realized the company had excellent reviews. She was sure she hired the right people for the job when the head HVAC crew member took her through every step of the work necessary at the cottage. Brandy thanked her boss for the excellent referral. He and his family were in line as the first guests to stay in the cottage when it was ready.

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