Buying a stationary bike

When I started setting up a home gym, I was shocked by the cost of equipment.

Just purchasing basics such as a yoga mat, set of hand weights and a jump roper was a significant investment.

I gradually added an incline bench, resistance bands, medicine balls and weighted poles. I then began saving up for a larger piece of equipment. Since I had limited funds and limited space, I wanted to be sure I made a smart decision. I wanted a piece of equipment that would burn plenty of calories, tone my muscles and not become boring very quickly. I considered buying a treadmill but was worried about the hard impact on my joints. If I run outside too often, my feet, ankles, knees and hips start to hurt. I looked into an elliptical but those machines are quite large. I eventually chose a stationary bike. The bike doesn’t take up all that much room. It operates quietly, which allows me to work out at all hours of the day or night without disturbing the rest of my family. Through a very easy-to-navigate touchscreen display, I can choose from a variety of programs, such as stream crossings, mountain climbs and winding roads. I am able to target distance, duration of the workout or calories burned and can make the workout more strenuous by adding resistance or pedaling faster. I enjoy reading on my Ipad and listening to music while I cycle. It’s such an enjoyable workout session that I sometimes feel guilty. I always manage to get sweaty and out of breath, and I definitely feel the exertion in my legs.

Training methods