Called heating and cooling company over batteries

Sometimes I amaze myself with how dumb I am.

I am supposed to be an intelligent person. I am a peer-reviewed scientist, a teacher of college courses! The truth is I make a lot of bad mistakes throughout my life, like any other person, however one of the things that I make a mess of is my heating, cooling, and air quality control system. I tried to be extremely responsible and efficient while using my indoor air quality control equipment, but I make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I forget to adjust my control component program before I go out of town. Then my furnace or air conditioner is operating for no reason. I also forget to regularly change my air filters for the air conditioner or forced air oil furnace. This adds wear and tear on my equipment as the energy efficiency decreases. Changing the batteries in my control unit is also something I forget to do. This can result in calling out the heating, cooling, and air quality control repair shop for no great reason. I say this, because Last month I thought that my heating and cooling system was broken. I couldn’t get either heating and cooling components to respond to my control component fiddling. When the professional heating and cooling repair specialist arrived, though, he promptly discovered that my control component needed new AA batteries! Otherwise my heating and cooling were fine. “Why didn’t I notice the blank control component screen?” he asked. That was a moment when I did not want to admit, I’m supposed to be a smart person.