Can’t get a quality handyman around here

I own a few rental properties and I have started looking out for service experts.

I needed a Heating and Air Conditioning tech to handle any AC or gas furnace service needed.

I called for plumbing techs and electrical techs. I also have a general handyman that is supposed to be our go-to ace in the hole, rather than hire a property manager, I thought I could get by with just having skilled pros on hand; Well our modern handyman isn’t doing so hot. I call him all the time with work to be completed. I have a floor in one rental that needs to be ripped up and redone. I have a backyard deck that needs to be completely rebuilt. I also have an modern home that needs to be painted as well. I called our handyman, he came over and gave a quote for each and every task. I said everything sounds great and waited for him to do the task; This guy rarely shows up now when I call him. I don’t understand. I spend money on time and have endless tasks for him. What do people do for modern home repairs? Do most people do the work themselves? I am on the hunt for a general handyman that easily wants to work for me. I found that it is undoubtedly hard to locate this person in our area. Right now I am doing most of the work myself. I am thinking it might be better to just have a real property manager and make them find the skilled workers rather than me doing it. After that It won’t be our concern anymore.


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