Can’t wait to party down

This Tuesday may be the best memory of my multiple week trip here to the states because finally my whole family is going to be there.

Well, my brother won’t be here yet, actually, because he is still on the other side of the world, but still I will see a lot of family that I haven’t seen in years.

I would also love to get a big fire going in my mom’s fireplace while I am there so the people I was with and I can sit and watch the flames and just relax and talk about life. I just rented a car for myself and am driving for the first time in almost 3 years and it is quite stressful. I gladly have some cold AC to keep me comfortable but there is so much traffic on the local road right now with all of the snowbirds still here in town. This location will definitely empty out just about the time I leave to go back overseas. I am going to buy my family a washable HEPA filter for his birthday because he keeps buying the ultra cheap ones and is throwing them out every 3 weeks creating a lot of waste with his HVAC. I suppose I will buy more than one of them so he can just update the one he takes out so then he doesn’t have to wait for it to dry. I’m not sure if he has an oil furnace filter, however he doesn’t seem to use the oil furnace much because he only uses the gas fireplace to heat the house. I am going to buy a small heating system myself when I get back to my home.

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