Cats love the heat

Ever since I was younger I have had cats in my home.

My parents never wanted the responsibility of owning a pet, so they rescued cats so both of us could still experience having pets.

When I was growing up I lived up north where the winters were actually cold plus both of us often had snow plus ice. My childhood cats loved to cuddle up next to the fireplace in the winter.I would often catch them lying down directly on top of the floor vents when both of us had the central heat on in the house. It was super cute to see, however not so cute when both of us were not as sizzling as both of us could be because the cats were blocking the vents. I observed that in the summertime up north when it started to get hot, the cats would always lay on the windowsills directly in the sunlight. I wondered how they handled the heat with their fur, however they seemed to love it. Now that I live in the south, I rescued more than one cats. They also love the heat just as much as my northern felines did. I often use a heating pad to deal with cramps or back pain, plus my cats will lay directly on the heating pad. When the central air conditioner is on, which is quite often in the south, I notice that my cats search for a blanket for warmth. I also catch them cuddling together when the air conditioner is on. The cats seem to appreciate central heat over central air conditioner; Cats are the perfect pet for those who have gas furnaces in their homes.

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