Chloe was pleased with the excellent customer service

Chloe grew up in the suburbs.

So, it was quite an adjustment moving to a rural area full of farms.

But, Chloe had had enough of the hectic city life. A visit to a friend who had been a farmer for 10 years opened her eyes to a whole new world. Chloe’s friend raised some beef cattle, pasture raised broilers and pasture–raised eggs. He also kept some pigs. He slaughters the beef cattle, picks and broilers and sells the meat at the farmers markets. Chloe’s friend also sold the eggs. He started small and now had a thriving operation with his wife. Chloe started planning her exit from the city and bought a small farm not too far from her friend. They were more than willing to guide her and turn this into a business she can do. The house on the farm wasn’t in bad shape, but Chloe wanted some work done on it. She had issues with the heating and cooling in the farm house. Chloe also wanted the plumbing and wiring upgraded. Her friend’s wife referred Chloe to a local HVAC company that also tackles plumbing and electrical work. They sent over professionals who inspected the house and gave Chloe a reasonable quote. Chloe was pleased by the excellent customer service and hired the HVAC company for the job. It took some time for all the HVAC, plumbing and wiring to be done in the farm house. But, Chloe didn’t mind waiting. She managed to land a remote job and began working from home. This made the transition from living in the city to a farmhouse not too bad. Thankfully, the area has WIFI access and she can continue working as she plans her farm.



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