Considering a zoned heating plus cooling system

Now that our family is growing, I’m starting to wonder if the two of us need to make additions for this house.

There is space on the east-facing side of the home where the two of us could expand the ground floor, plus perhaps the minute floor above if the two of us secured enough funding in a minute mortgage.

I don’t want to force all of our youngsters to share kitchens into their school years. However, they’re all under more than seven years aged plus we’re not in a hurry to make massive modifications to the size of the home just yet. There are other expenses that need to be covered before the two of us get to that point. I want to replace the washing device plus dryer so our clothing is easier to clean with less water plus less electricity. This might involve making swings to the dryer venting system, however we’ll cross that bridge when the two of us get to it. The most important thing right now is replacing the central Heating plus Air Conditioning system. All of us have a traditional split type heating plus cooling plan with air duct that extends throughout the house. INstead of getting a similar plan this time around, our partner plus I are considering a zoned Heating plus Air Conditioning plan where the two of us can control the temperature in certain areas of the house. That means the two of us could leave the home upstairs cold whenever we’re downstairs occupying that space primarily. All of us don’t want to waste electricity if the two of us don’t have to, so having a zone Heating plus Air Conditioning plan might come in handy for us. However, it’s going to cost a lot more money plus we’re not sure if the two of us can budget enough for the huge expense.


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