Considering SEER ratings when comparing new air conditioners

These days the name of the game is energy efficiency! I understand this to a degree, but I draw a line with the new “high efficiency” washing machines.

  • You can’t adequately dilute surfaces contaminants off a garment or piece of clothing when there is just enough water to make everything in the load moist and wet.

It’s such a contradiction of basic empirical facts that it frustrates my mind to the point of insanity when I see the claim peddled. There’s a “goldilocks zone” where you use just enough water but not too much, but that’s much different than the other mindset. And I’m in complete agreement with those who suggest you simply wash on cold instead of warm, saving the electrical costs needed to heat the water beforehand. Unless you have a heated washing machine drum, the water is going to lose its heat after a few minutes of agitating. It makes a lot more sense to use laundry sanitizer which automatically kills bacteria and viral particles in your clothing and laundry on contact. I also think it’s important to find HVAC systems with the most energy efficiency so you’re not needlessly wasting electricity for no reason. Running an air conditioner and furnace with a higher SEER rating from the get go will mean you will have better HVAC performance while spending less money in the process. It’s worth it to take your time looking for a good heating and cooling system with the highest SEER rating at a cost that you can afford. I decided to save for a year before buying a new HVAC system and now I’m much happier than I was with the older system.


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