Cooking with no air conditioning

Steve and Becky recently started dating.

They are in the phase of dating where they want to impress eachother and they get extremely excited everytime they see eachother.

Becky told Steve that she would cook a nice Italian meal for him since his family is Italian. Becky told Steve to come over to her apartment around 7 pm. It happened to be a very hot day outside, but that did not stop Becky from going to the grocery store to get all of the ingredients ready for her and Steve’s dinner. When Becky got back from the store, she walked into her apartment and it felt extremely hot and humid. She was immediately confused because her central air conditioning was working right before she left for the store. She started to panic and was sweating. It was now 4 pm and Steve was coming over at 7pm. Becky called her local HVAC company to come check on her central air conditioning and thermostat. Unfortunately, the HVAC technician on the phone informed her that they would not be able to send a technician out until the next day. Becky was committed to cooking this Italian meal, whether her air conditioning worked or not. She toughed it out and cooked sauce, pasta, meatballs, garlic bread, and caesar salad in an apartment with no air conditioning. It took her about two hours to cook and the lack of air conditioning and heat from the oven caused her to get overheated. By the time Steve came over, he said it was too hot without air conditioning to eat the food at her apartment.


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