Cooling off after an argument with good air conditioning

When my wife and I have an argument, we have a tendency to separate from one another in order to cool off for a bit. In my case, these days, it’s become literal! You see, our house is divided in twain, as it were, in the sense that there is a ductless mini-split HVAC system on one end of the house and a ductless mini-split HVAC system on the other end of the house. Two such systems combine to adequately heat and cool our home. On one end of the house is the master bedroom, master bathroom and living room. On the other end of the house is the kitchen, guest room, and study. Whenever we are in the process of, shall we say, sorting out our differences, I end up going over to the wing that has the guest room and she ends up getting the master bedroom, for obvious reasons. My wife is allergic to the cold. I call her the ice queen, and she hates it, because her extremities are always freezing. Well, when I’m getting a little time to myself in my study, I’m able to set the temperature down to 70° and she doesn’t care because she stays on her side. To be honest, she takes advantage of the situation as well. She sets the thermostat over there on the ductless mini split HVAC system all the way up to 77°! Our disagreements are giving me more and more time to myself to think things over and honestly, I enjoy the peace and quiet and the climate I prefer. I made a joke recently that I might make up something to argue over just so that I could go enjoy my side of the house and how cool it is. My wife didn’t like that very much.

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