Cutting back on HVAC saved me money each month

I didn’t realize how much money the HVAC bills were actually taking from me each month.

It wasn’t until I had to sit down and start cutting costs due to inflation, that I realized.

I wasted $300 a month on heating and cooling alone. I love indoor comfort as much as anyone, but that was just ridiculous. As much as I enjoyed my climate control system, I knew I would have to start cutting back, and that is what I did. Instead of running the cooling system most of the day, no matter what the weather was, I decided to only run the A/C on either really hot days, or sometimes at night if I needed the cooler temperatures to sleep. Since the temperatures outside can be fairly mild, there would be several days where I wouldn’t end up using the heating and A/C machine at all. The nights were often cool, cool enough for me to sleep in, so I oftentimes didn’t even need to run the cooling components then either. It actually felt better doing this, because I felt that running the air conditioner on days where I really needed it was more productive, as well as I knew I was no longer running the HVAC machine too much. And at the end of the month, I could definitely tell a difference! My bill dropped to $250, and while that was still expensive, I bet I could get it to drop more. The month after that it was $200, which was definitely more reasonable. I have been able to use that money for better things, all while still having great indoor comfort.



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