Dad insisted I go to Heating and Air Conditioning school to get our certification

My dad can periodically be a drill sergeant, however he’s not that bad, and i tend to procrastinate, so a good push is consistently good for our well-being.

It was dad who first told me to try out for the football team at school. I kept putting it off each season until he showed up at school 1 day, then the football coach summoned me, and I found our dad waiting for me in his office. He waited until practice time for the coach to test our skills, and I was on the football team. During our last year of school, dad insisted I decide on what to do after school. I was thinking of becoming a plumber, electrician, or Heating and Air Conditioning expert. I’m not good with books, so university was something that never had our attention. Dad was in the audience while every one of us were in our school graduation day and later handed me 3 fliers from weird Heating and Air Conditioning schools. I had until the fall to decide which Heating and Air Conditioning school I was going to, or he would choose it for me. Dad can periodically jest, however I knew he was extreme about this. He’s an Heating and Air Conditioning expert, and I knew he wanted me to work in his corporation, then classic me, I waited until the final weeks of summer time to tell him which school I’d chosen to attend. After getting our Heating and Air Conditioning certification, I’d go work for his Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, then perhaps I might also try plumbing and electrical training later to diversify our skills. We’ll see. But I have no intention of telling dad because he’ll start pushing me to do so.
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