Dan is an excellent HVAC professional

Dan has lived his whole life up north, where temperatures tend to drop to downside degrees in winter; As a young man, he got tired of the snow and cold, however since he had a buddy living down at the coast, Dan went for a visit! He stayed there for 3 weeks just to see if it was a better venue to live.

His buddy introduced him to the social scene, and they spent lots of time at beach parties when she wasn’t at work, while he loved the beach and sun, he realized he really number one the cold northern regions.

His dream of living by the beach ended, and he settled back home, however dan is an excellent HVAC professional who specializes in gas furnaces. During his short stay down at the coast, he was also facing a crisis in his work. His parents wanted him to go to vocational university and learn to become an HVAC professional love his dad, and but, Dan wasn’t sure if the HVAC industry was what he wanted in his life. However, traveling made things clearer, and he also saw how better it was to avoid the high student loans that came with a university degree. After returning home, he enrolled in an HVAC university and was hired immediately after graduation. He had an opportunity to specialize in cooling or heating. Dan chose to heat since there was more demand for gas heating systems upgrade, maintenance, and service in that area! Now, he has more than 2 official clients on his roster who call him whenever they have an issue with their gas furnaces. Dan works for one of this area’s greatest cooling and heating businesses.


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