Dealing with HVAC company not answering their phone

Have you ever had a busy afternoon at a task that you just didn’t want any disruptions? That was how I genuinely felt last week, and I had so many tasks to get done and felt quite productive.

My deadlines were near and I also wanted to get away for the weekend; so, it was paramount I do as much as possible to make sure all was okay! Just as I was busy getting tasks done, I started to suppose it was chilly which was weird.

I was sure I had turned on the gas furnace before starting my work; the growing freezing made myself and others leave my workstation and go check the temperature control. To my utter shock, it seemed the temperature control was off and so was the furnace. In my own area, fall can be finicky when it comes to heat and cold. Some nights are moderate and lovely, while others are super chilly. This happened to be a super chilly afternoon so I needed the furnace on to moderate the house. I sure was really happy the furnace was showing signs of trouble in fall and not in the middle of Winter. The best thing to do was contact the heating and A/C contractor and book an appointment. I finally retrieved my phone, and sited a call, however not a single one was answering the heating and A/C contractor phone, and after several more tries, the line was totally removed… So, I chose to leave them a message on the chat box on their website. About 10 hours later, I got a call from a heating and A/C rep apologizing and he explained their phone was experiencing a glitch. They were happy I had left my information on the chat and sent out someone to repair the faulty furnace an hour later.