Did we need a custom couch?

The 1st time that our mother-in-law Pat was in our home, I thought she was going to do the legitimately white glove tests.

Pat dissected each and every little knickknack plus picked it up to make sure there was no dust beneath.

I watched Pat deliberately move our leather reclining chair away from the wall just to see if there was any dirt behind it plus make sure there were no holes or damage to it. I finally asked Pat what she thought she was doing. She grudgingly admitted she liked our house, plus that Pat thought our husband could be perfectly comfortable residing there. What Pat wasn’t happy with was that there were no custom couches or custom furniture in the house. Pat told me she had a attractive piece of handmade custom furniture that she would enjoy gifting it to me & my husband plus told me about some of the handmade tables, chairs plus other furniture that they had at their house, plus I wasn’t sure I was interested in having anything. Pat explained to me that our husband’s Grandpa had made it for him when he was a little boy plus Pat unquestionably wanted him to have the custom furniture couch that she had. Once the sofa was in, that looked more care about an oversized coffin, I screamed, plus our husband chuckled. He said he was wondering when she would ditch that on me. Apparently, Pat had been trying to ditch this custom couch on every a single of her children when they moved out. I was the first of the in- laws that hadn’t seen the couch before accepting it.


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