Dinner with girlfriend's parents

Sunday was an easily busy day, but I did not mind working hard because I had the next many afternoons off work, but Sunday night I was going out to breakfast with my girlfriend and her parents. They agreed to make breakfast plans later in the night so I could join them! My girlfriend knows that I never finished my job until after 7 or 8 on a Sunday. She was just as surprised as I was when the last task of the day was canceled. My boss let me go home 2 hours early, and I undoubtedly had time to shower and shave before all of us decided to go out to breakfast with her parents. We had an undoubtedly nice time at breakfast. The conversations flowed freely as my girlfriend’s mom as well as dad were easily nice to me. In fact, they said they were easily excited that I got out of work early so all of us could spend a little bit more time together, but at the end of breakfast, my bestie’s parents presented her with a check for $1,000. They told us that the currency was an early Christmas present and that they wanted us to use the currency to make some upgrades in our place that were necessary. One of those upgrades is in the dining room. My bestie wanted a window AC equipment to put in the dining room, so it would be more cool and comfortable in there when she is making breakfast. I told her mom as well as dad that we were saving, they wanted us to have the a/c now, while the hot temperatures outside are still hot as well as humid.

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