Do you really live here?

I am supposed to be staying at my cousin’s country home while I am here in the states for a month but I just arrived here plus quickly found that her Wi-Fi isn’t working plus there is no water from the dripping faucet in the kitchen.

I tried to turn the heating control component down plus it isn’t even working.

She needs an updated thermostat or at least a smart control unit, plus 1 that functions. I am going to try a plus job at home some while I am here to help her out with this but this place is a mess. I don’t think how she can live without Wi-Fi, plus hot water just goes without saying. I am going to the hardware store to buy a modern HEPA filter for her because she has a dog plus I am entirely allergic to them and cannot breathe to save my life so I need to get that filter so I can sleep. I assume I need to go to the warm, balmy beach to just unwind because this has been a stressful trip coming to the states now after being gone so long. I’ll go to the local contractor after to ask him if he can try to come over plus look at my cousin’s Heating & Air Conditioning method, as it is a newer method plus I am not sure what is wrong with it. I’ve been out of the heating and ventilation industry too long I think plus things have changed a lot with the units. I really bet he will help myself and others fix it for free. It’s superb to be back but a little overwhelming.


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