Don’t let dehydration ruin your trip

Dehyrdation can be a extreme medical issue that many people do not take seriously when they are on tropical trips.

One of our number one sayings is “don’t let dehydration ruin your trip”.

I personally have experienced dehydration on trips and it is not fun to say the least. If you decide to go on a tropical trip, nice for you- you deserve to rest and relax in the sizzling weather! Just make sure you follow some safety tips so you get the most out of your trip. First and foremost, make sure that the air conditioning in your hotel room works as soon as you check in. This is something that people often overlook because they guess that the air conditioning in resorts and hotels always works. Chances are it works perfectly, but there is a small risk that the air conditioning is faulty and in that case it would be truly uncomfortable in your room when getting ready and trying to go to sleep. If the air conditioning in your hotel room does not seem to be laboring right, call the front desk and they will send an Heating and Air Conditioning professional to help you immediately. Next tip is to go into your air conditioned room or into the air conditioned lobby of the hotel between the hours of 12-2. The heat and UV rays are harsh while all of us were in those hours and you are likely to get dehydrated and boiling. The most substantial tip is to drink water, especially if you are consuming alcohol. As soon as you guess too hot, go into the air conditioning, get another large glass of water, and stay out of the heat if you need to.

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