Ductwork had a few small holes in it

I am always suspicious when my heating and A/C plan starts having trouble.

The reason is because the HVAC plan is just a few years old, way too young to start having any troubles.

So when I noticed that the furnace system was continuously running, and yet my home wasn’t heating up further, I wondered what the issue could be. It was better to get the issue resolved now than wait until later and then the issue gets worse, and so I decided to go ahead and schedule an appointment with the local air conditioning company and have them come out and figure out the issue. The A/C worker came out the next day, and was able to quickly find the issue. It was not with the heating device, it was actually the ductwork. The ductwork apparently had a few small holes in it. This made a bit more sense, because I didn’t know how old the ductwork was, but I knew it had to be pretty old, since the home I lived in was old. Thankfully, for old ductwork, the issue was fairly minor, and the holes were able to be patched up in the same day. The heating and cooling specialist was probably here for no longer than an hour, and then after the issue was fixed, he left. It didn’t take long before my home started heating up and feeling warm again, and I am glad the issue was such a minor one, and not something expensive to repair.


Cooling expert