During the heavy storm, lightning struck several things

Several afternoons ago, everyone of us experienced something that was incredibly traumatic.

Everyone of us had an AC unit that was inside of the window.

This was regularly different for myself in addition to others. We consistently had the central air conditioning system but did not suppose it was an immense deal. The two of us genuinely had an exhausting thunderstorm plus the air conditioner took intense rain blows outside. The rain was genuinely sounding very loud as it hit the AC plus then I begin to wonder about the normalcy of this. Water was leaking under the AC plus hitting the ground and then eventually it started to puddle up near an electrical outlet. The plug caught fire from a spark and I did not notice until there was a smell of smoke. The fire was still very small and I was able to use an extinguisher to recover the air conditioner. I did not have any plan how to use this extinguisher and literally had to read through the directions before I put it to use. It made myself an addition to others absolutely realize that we should probably learn how to handle the fire extinguisher property. In the event of an emergency, I would want to know how to work this thing safely. I went to a fire station where the guys were incredibly nice plus supportive plus they did not judge myself and others when it came time to teach us how to use the fire extinguisher on our furnace or air conditioning system.



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